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They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'd like to share a few to help tell MY STORY.

My name is JUSTIN HERMAN RASCH and I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) on January 29, 2013. A lot of things changed that day. Since my battle has just begun, I’ll be telling my story the way I think it should be told.

Ken and Jane Rasch are my parents. They had twelve children. I was born 10th. I am in gray in the front row with a beautiful sister on each side of me. Mom and Dad are on the ends.

These days you don’t find too many parents that stay together long enough to have 12 children. My parents just celebrated 62 years of marriage together. We are a very strong, loving & loyal family. My parents and siblings are very supportive and are going to be by my side helping me through this 100% of the way. I love them all very much and pray for a cure so I won’t have to leave them so early.

My dad started his own construction business almost 70 years ago and I and one other broth er have taken over running it. I am still able to do most things. My right hand is where the atrophy has begun. I am right handed so dressing and writing can be very challenging. My emotions are very unpredictable. I try every day to be positive and pray a lot. Back to the good stuff…

May 20, 1989 I married my best friend.. Her name is Cherrisa Lynn. We have been married 25 years. I will never forget the vows I took that day; in sickness and in health till death do us part. I just never thought in a million years I’d die like this.

In 1990 we had our first son, Dalton Charles. 14 months later we brought another amazing son into this world, Landon Justin. On Feb 8, 1993, Cherissa gave birth to our last child, Austin Everett. Another Son! I am the proudest husband and father there is!

December 3, 2011 Dalton married his best friend, Emily. Six months later in June, Landon married Tayler after dating for six years. I finally have daughters! As you can see from these pictures, my sons have made me a very proud father. The very lovely lady next to Austin in the picture is Katie. Once they finish college they plan to marry. Another daughter! I pray every day that I’ll be around to help them celebrate it.

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